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Not Perfect - Part 8
Lance: KEITH!!! *runs forward, not really caring what happened around him* *sobbing* KEITH, KEITH CAN YOU HEAR ME?!?!? PLEASE!
Thel: *has gone stone cold and wide eyed*
*The enemies take Thel away*
Thel: *screaming* NO!!! NO!!! KEITH!!! NO!!!
Shiro: *shocked, but at hearing Thel’s cries, snaps from it and rushes after him* *bayard and hand raised, killing soldiers right and left to get Thel out* THEL!
Lance: *picks Keith up* It’s my fault, I’m sorry, I thought . . . I’m so stupid. Keith, Keith, can you hear me? Answer me, please.
Keith: *is bleeding from he was shot under his breast plate.* *peeks his open* Lance . . .
Lance: *breath hitches* Keith . . . It’s okay, you’re gonna be okay. *shaky smile* It’s not even that bad. You’ll be fine, don’t worry.
Thel: *runs over* Keith!
*the left over enemies attempt to grab him*
Pidge: *appears and attacks them. Getting of them even with her hurt arm* *pants*
Thel: *kneels down* Keith! Pleas
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Not Perfect - Part 7
Hunk: Oh, Lance! Shouldn’t you be with Keith?
Lance: *winces* *nods*
Hunk: *brows furrow* Lance? What’s wrong?
Lance: *shakes his head* Nothing, nothing, just thinking stupid thoughts, as per usual. *smiles when spotting the bowl of soup* Thanks for making the soup!
Hunk: Yeah . . . *hands over the soup* You know, you can talk to me any time, right?
Lance: *nods* Yeah, I know. Thanks, Hunk.
Hunk: Anytime.
Lance: *takes the soup back to his room*
Keith: *is dozing off a little*
Lance: He’s so cute . . . *places the soup on the bedside table* *sits down in front of the bed* Might as well get comfy.
Keith: *hears him and opens his eyes* Hey
Lance: Oh, I thought you were asleep. How are you feeling?
Keith: Fine I guess . . .
Lance: *nods* okay, at least that’s better than “awful”.
Keith: *slowly sits up*
Lance: Did you want to eat your soup? *points to the soup on the bedside table* Otherwise, you should probably rest.
Keith: *flops back down* I’m
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Adorable Klance Moment
So here's an excerpt from an rp fanfic my friend and I are writing. I really liked this part so I thought I'd share it.
p.s, some characters are used from the "Dirty Laundry" fanfic. You should check it out it's really good. These characters don't belong to us just as a disclaimer!
Lance: *was sitting on the floor* You okay?
Keith: *smiles at him* Mhmm. Now. Where should I sleep tonight?
Lance: *blushes* W-well, there's a guest room, but it's small and I don't know if it's still there . . . And my room was apparently made into an office.
Keith: Harsh
Lance: *waves a hand* I'm fine with that. Just means that in my absence my messy room was used for something better.
Keith: Where are the others sleeping?
Lance: Pidge is in with my little sister and Sophia. Hunk is in with my other little brother . . . apparently they're making a rocket out of household appliances?
Keith: Well, we could take the guest room. Or the couch is fine with me.
Lance: *smiles misch
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Not Perfect - Part 6
Lance: *being the heavy sleeper he is just mumbles and rolls over* *still softly snoring*
Keith: *gets smooshed under him* Mph!!
Lance: *curls up around Keith’s frame* Mmm, Keith.
Keith: !! *wiggles around getting suffocated*
Lance: *feels the wriggling and shifts over uncomfortably* mmpha
Keith: *gasps*
Lance: *hears gasp and mumbles* mffra, ddi Keith.
Keith: Hmph! > : (
Lance: *smacks lips and blearly blinks open eyes* hmmmmm . . .
Keith: idiot…
Lance: *eyes turn to Keith* *grins lazily, eyes half-closed* Morning . . .
Keith: *turns away from him* You almost killed me in your sleep moron.
Lance: *eyes open a bit more* What . . .? No way, I wasn’t having a nightmare, was I?
Keith: I dunno but you almost suffocated me.
Lance: Oh . . . *rolls further away from Keith* Sorry . . .
Keith: . . . *groans grumpily*
Lance: *chuckles* It’s your own fault for wanting to cuddle with me all night.
Keith: Oh, excuse me for enjoying your presence…
Lance: *grins hugel
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Not Perfect - Part 5
Keith: *is panting, plopping into a chair*
Lance: *wrapping arms around Keith* Keith?
Keith: *looks at Lance and immediately throws his arms around him*
Lance: *rubs hands along his back* It’s okay, Keith, you’re alright now. You’re safe.
Keith: *is shaking immensely holding onto to him for dear life it seems*
Lance: *tears slip down his cheeks* I’ve got you, I’ve got you. It’s okay. Shh, shh.
Hunk: *to Pidge* *whispered* PDA . . .
Pidge: *glares at him* Unless you get a girlfriend somehow, shut it.
Keith: *pulls away from Lance and looks at him. His face badly bruised*
Lance: *begins kissing each bruise* *trying to make it feel better*
Keith: *closes his eyes. Letting him*
Lance: Keith . . . I’m so sorry . . .
Keith: *gives him a soft peck on the lips as if to say he forgives him*
Lance: *sobs into Keith’s chest*
Keith: …*puts his hands on his cheeks and lifts his face up to look him and gently wipes his tears*
Lance: I love you so
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Not Perfect - Part 4
Pidge: *passes him* Hurry Lance!
Lance: Keith is out! I gotta take care of him first!
*the castle rumbles and shakes*
Lance: *almost drops Keith* *twists so Keith doesn’t hit his head* *hits his own in the process* Ow . . . *vision swims a bit* *stands back up and stumbles the last few feet to the rooms*
Keith: *opens his eyes* Lance…
Lance: *slurres* ‘Sup, Keith?
Keith: *closes his eyes again*
Lance: Don’t worry buddy, I gotcha. *opens the door to Keith’s room* *stumbles inside* Ow . . . my head really hurts . . .
Coran: Lance! We need you!
Lance: *fumbles with Keith’s helmet* *puts it on* *turns on the coms* On m’ way, Coran . . . Just gotta tuck Keith in . . . ha ha.
Hunk: *through the coms* Lance, are you okay?
Lance: *through the coms* Mhmm. Be down ‘n a minute.
Keith: *groans*
Lance: *takes helmet off* Ah, Keith. Imma go help the others, you stay here and hold the fort. Counting on ya, man. *goes to stand up*
Keith: *touches his han
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Not Perfect - Part 3
Keith: *sniffles and pulls away from Lance’s chest*
Lance: *immediately focuses on Keith* Hey, man, how are you feeling?
Keith: *wipes his eyes* *his stomach growls*
Lance: *lightly chuckles* Don’t worry, Hunk will be back soon with food.
Hunk: *enters room with a big bowl of something yummy smelling*
Lance: Speak of the devil.
Hunk: Hey guys, sorry, I had to warm it up.
Lance: No worries.
Hunk: *gives the bowl to Lance* *stands there awkwardly for a moment* Well, I’ll just . . . uh . . . be on my way now.
Lance: *nods*
Hunk: *leaves the room*
Lance: You think you can stomach food?
Keith: *is looking down playing with his toes*
Lance: Keith? You wanna try eating something?
Keith: *looks at him* Hm?
Lance: Aren’t you hungry? *holds up bowl the of food*
Keith: *gives him a big smile* Okay
Lance: X_X *blushes madly*
Keith: *opens his mouth as if expecting food to go in there*
Lance: *hands shaking* *scoops up food and places the spoon in Keith’s mouth* *inter
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Not Perfect - Part 2
Hunk: *shifting from foot to foot* So . . . *cough* When did you get so chummy with Keith?
Lance: *stiffens* I-I don’t know what you mean. He’s my rival, obviously.
Hunk: *the Look* Lance, you turned into a tomato earlier at the thought of carrying him.
Lance: *sweats* Uh . . . duh, it was of anger at the thought of touching him.
Hunk: Uh-huh.
Lance: Yep, that’s definitely it. Not like I was thinking of how soft he was. Or how pretty he looked. Not that at all.
Coran: ….awkward…
Keith: *giggles attempting to get of bed*
Lance: *pushing Keith back down* Stay.
Hunk: *chuckles* What is he, a dog?
Lance: *glares*
Keith: *pulls on his arms still giggling*
Lance: Keith, what are you--
Keith: *pokes his nose* Boop!
Lance: *blushing from his feet to the tips of his ears* Adorable, holy crap!
Hunk: No PDA.
Lance: Hunk, shush.
Pidge: *come back in with a medical cover (a hospital gown)* Okay, here we go. Um...not sure if he is in a state to undress himself….
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Not Perfect - Part 1
Okay. Here is a view things you need to know before you read this:
1. This is mostly a Klance fanfiction but there are other concepts within it as well. There will be other romances in this too. So it's not 100% Klance. 
2. There will never be any smut in this. So if that is what you came for, you should probably leave.
3. There is an OC in this. It's a boy so don't worry XP. No spoilers. 
4. IMPORTANT: This is an rp between me and my friend so it is in rp format.
5. We are both stupid teenagers and so our writing isn't the best. It's a little all over the place. Deal with it XP
6. This has some ooc-ness in it. We don't care.
7. This story might never end cause we just keep going with more and more ideas. XDD
8. Just a side note, part one is kind of long. So . . . yeah
9. Both my friend and I aren't too fond of Allura so she's not given very much justice in this. Apologies in advance XP
I think that's all
Please enjoy this ridiculousness that has been created
- Love, Quil.
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